Library Media

Each school library is designed to be a bright and welcoming environment for all students to feel a part of the school community whether students are looking for something to read, researching something for class, participating in a library program or creating something in the Makerspaces. 

Our library collections are continuously being curated. In that process we work to ensure that we are including  more inclusive texts (characters) and authors as they are being published. The goal is to offer students opportunities to see themselves and their experiences in literature as well as to be able to see the world through others’ experiences and points of view.

At the elementary level the library media specialists coordinate programs such as One Book, One School to build community around reading. They also host a visiting author each year to hear first hand about that author’s experience and their writing process. Recent past authors have included Kate Messner, Grace Lin, and Stacy McAnaulty.
For inclusion week, students participated in a variety of Makerspace activities. Fifth grade students in one school developed tiles for a communication board for their school playground, while third grade students explored the use of braille as a communication tool and created braille name tags.
At the middle school level the library media specialists work with students to deepen their understanding of themselves as readers and researchers by integrating their skill development lessons into the social studies and ELA lessons. As members of the DEIB school committees, they also help promote heritage months through book displays based our curated collections.
At the high school level the library staff host Friday Fun Days for students. Many of the Fun Day activities are designed to celebrate and honor the cultures and heritages of our students. Examples include Hispanic Heritage Bingo, Juneteenth bracelet making, and Lunar New Year puppets. The Lunar New Year project was designed in partnership with the Asian Students Association.