Elementary Music 2023-2024

Our elementary  students sing music from around the world, learning about various cultures.

3rd Grade at LLS singing a native Korean folk song:



Here students are immersed in cultural learning during our DIWALI program, engaging with parents as passionate educators. This initiative fosters understanding and celebrates diversity within our Westport community.

The annual Kindergarten Valentine’s Day concert at LLS, students singing “You Are My Sunshine” with sign language

Video Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/15dYYQJDN2qMlqoEraDV6khC6QOmW-Ka1/view?usp=sharing

Students at GFS  immerse themselves in the rich cultural tradition of learning the Chinese zodiac names for each year. Captured in this 2023 performance of Jasmine Flower, a traditional Chinese folk song, they embrace the symbolism of the “Year of the Flower”.


GFS Students singing “Kindness” which was written by the 5th grade students.

For Black History Month, our students learn music with deep heritage like, Lift Every Voice & Sing, and Follow the Drinking Gourd learning about the Underground Railroad and how slaves used songs for various purposes both social/emotional and as a means of communication. A wide variety of musicians and genres are introduced from Field Hollers to the Blues, Protest Songs, Step, Hip Hop, and more.